Memories on walls

I recently got a very nice and surprising gift from my parents – while moving to a new apartment they discovered old slides showing our summer trips when I was a child (to other communistic countries of course). We did not have much money but we had a lot of fun and a lot of adventures.
I am a foreigner, immigrant, Switzerland looks strange (others). I am not a tourist, I have another perspective. To make it all looking more familiar, I displayed some of those slides on buildings, using flash and some simple device. Effect is quite interesting, especially that I did not have full control over how the pictures are going to be displayed.

This project was also presented at photo18zurich, which organizers describe as “Die photo Zürich ist die grösste und wichtigste Werkschau für Fotografie der Schweiz”. Project was very well received as I got many positive feedback and was mentioned in a local daily newspaper (Thurgauer Zeitung).

Thurgauer Zeitung aricle
Thurgauer Zeitung article